Nutrigenomics & DNA Testing

Nutrigenomics or nutritional genomics is the study of how foods and nutrients affect our individual genes. Nutrigenomics has great potential for preventing and treating chronic disease, including many kinds of cancers. Genetic tendencies are often the missing link in our healthcare and the interaction between our genes and nutrients may explain why each person responds differently to the same diet and nutritional intake.

You may be one of many who find that during treatment their health improves to a certain degree and then progress may slow down or even come to a halt. This is when we realise that one size does not fit all and that our underlying genetic tendencies require a more tailored approach.

Genetic testing is increasingly commonplace in respect to many areas of medicine and health. It can help us to identify areas of our genetic make-up that may be struggling or functioning less than optimally. Genetic testing can also help you figure out if you should be avoiding coffee, be gluten free, or be on a higher fat diet for weight-loss.

Knowing what your genes require in order to function

optimally means that you can choose the foods, lifestyle and health-care approach that will best suit you. Even small but highly informative dietary changes can make a difference. I like to think of this as genetic therapy in the kitchen.

There are a number of companies providing genetic testing, however, making sense of the results can be challenging as often they are confusing and contradictory. My job is to help you read, understand and interpret the results. With a combination of genetic and appropriate biochemical testing, along with a comprehensive health history, I can provide you with a professional personalised programme tailored to your individual and unique genetic makeup. The goal is to empower and help you improve your health through personalised nutrition.