What People Say



Having struggled with severe eczema and allergies since infancy, I was prescribed steroid creams and took multiple courses of antibiotics throughout my life to try and control my issues with eczema, allergies, general inflammation and repeated skin infections. Prior to meeting Jennifer I tried to control my eczema condition and general health concerns through a very restrictive diet along a lengthy list of assorted (and expensive) supplements, without knowing whether I was on the right track or not.

I visit Jennifer regularly each month and over the past year I have experienced a dramatic improvement not only in my eczema condition but also in my overall health. I see Jennifer for both herbal medicine appointments and frequency medicine appointments. My skin has improved incredibly, I have more energy, my allergic reactions have decreased and with Jennifer’s nutritional guidance I have been able to greatly expand the list of foods I can now eat without suffering adverse reactions.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer for both herbal medicine and FSM treatments and have her to thank in great part for my current state of health, which is the best I can remember it ever being.

Stephanie (Barnes, London)

After years of chronic digestive and gynaecological issues, and having seen at great expense countless specialists and consultants, I finally saw progress in my health when I started visiting Jennifer. I was demoralised by not having a practitioner who was able to properly diagnose and treat my symptoms - I was simply prescribed medication which would mask the problems and cause others.

Jennifer is incredibly methodical in her process, and applies advanced scientific thinking to uncover what could be the underlying cause of symptoms. She also cares a great deal about her patients, you have the impression she is properly considering your health ... in the way that one rarely feels with other healthcare practitioners.

Jennifer's very unique approach treats the whole body via herbal medicine and frequency treatments (I have both), and I am always astounded by how dramatically well I can feel after a session. I recommend her to all my friends - and those who are bemused by the abundance of confusing and sometimes contradictory advice out there.

The FSM treatments are miraculous, I was sceptical to say the least at first... but cannot quite believe how powerfully energy medicine works. I’ve been treated with FSM for vagal nerve dysfunction which has transformed my health entirely.

Eleanor, Fulham, London