Diagnostics & Laboratory Testing

A full range of functional laboratory testing is available and provided through a range of referral laboratories specialising in functional and biochemical assessments. These tests help provide accurate information on the presenting conditions and contribute to the development of innovative health programmes that will increase your health, energy, performance and wellbeing. Tests can vary in cost and if these may be beneficial to your treatment, this will be discussed during your consultation.

Some of the tests available include

Adrenal function
Allergy – food, inhalant, mold, environmental allergy profiles and food intolerance testing
Blood pressure - Regular blood pressure checks can be provided.
Cardiovascular health – coronary heart disease profile, cardiac failure profile
Cellular energy profile
Dementia profile
Genetic testing - MTHFR Genetics UK offering DNA test and Comprehensive Gene Variant report
Gut function – bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), yeast overgrowth, parasites, levels of beneficial bacteria, inflammatory and immunological markers, digestion and absorption
Haematology and biochemistry profiles
Hair mineral analysis - Nutrient and Toxic Element Testing
Hormonal health - Female and male hormone profiles
Liver function tests
Nutrient profiles – minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids
Osteoporosis risk assessment
Thyroid assessment – TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, anti-TG and anti-TPO antibodies, autoimmunity
Toxic metals – urine and blood as well as household water

Optimal Nutrition Evaluation (ONE test)

This nutritional assessment helps to give an understanding of an individual’s diet and supplementation needs. The ONE test consists of metabolic analysis, amino acid analysis and oxidative stress analysis. The test helps evaluate overall nutritional status and helps assess the functional need for vitamins and minerals, and provides personalised recommendations for vitamins, minerals and cofactors.

NutrEval test

This comprehensive nutritional evaluation can help inform treatment for chronic diseases and promote optimal health and wellness. The NutrEval consists of metabolic analysis, amino acid analysis, essential and metabolic fatty acid assessment, elemental analysis (toxic metal exposure and intracellular nutrient mineral status), oxidative stress analysis, homocysteine levels, and Vitamin D levels. This evaluation assesses the functional need for vitamins and minerals, provides insight into disease risk, and provides personalised recommendations for anti-oxidants, B vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Hair mineral analysis - Nutrient and Toxic Element Testing

This is a cost effective method of assessing if there are any major nutrient discrepancies or irregular levels of heavy metals. This is generally followed by blood sample reports to confirm any nutritional deficiencies or high body burdens of toxic metals. It helps identify which foods and supplements will help bring your body and mind into nutritional balance, as well as which foods and supplements are best avoided.

Further information on the tests available can be found on the following laboratory websites:

Biolab - http://www.biolab.co.uk/
Genova Diagnostics - https://www.gdx.net/
MTHFR Genetics UK - http://www.mthfr-genetics.co.uk/
PCI Parasite Testing - Europe http://parasitetesting.co.uk/about
Regenerus Laboratories - http://www.regeneruslabs.com/page/homepage
23andme - www.23andme.com