Email Policy

Emails may be directed to [email protected]

Please note that response time for emails is 24-48 hours.

If you wish to cancel your appointment within 48 of the scheduled time, please do not use email to do this as the message may not be received in time. Please call Jennifer/me on 0203 953 6661.

While email is a convenient way to communicate with the office, please be aware that it does take time and expertise to respond to emails.

If you have a quick and simple question regarding dosaging of herbal medicines or supplements for example, by all means please call me and this can be accommodated at no charge. If, however, your query requires an assessment of your file and to study aspects of your case in order to answer your query, then a normal appointment fee of £45 will apply.

If your query requires further research or if further information is required from you in order to answer your questions, or if the query involves discussion of further treatment options or new symptoms, it is requested that you schedule an appointment or wait until your next visit.

Thank you for your understanding!